Buying with a Purchase Order

We welcome schools and established agencies to send us purchase orders.  Please be aware of freight costs when placing your order.  If you get an estimate from us ahead of time, you can put a more accurate cost on your P.O.

If you need a copy of the Illinois Supply Company W-9 that is here:

Tips for a Low-Stress Purchase

  • It is human nature to wait until the last minute to do things!  Sometimes grant requirements state that money must be spent by a certain date but that you must receive products before paying for them.   This is not practical with last minute orders.   As the leader in the Naloxone distribution industry, grant providers will generally be familiar with our products.   It is very common for us to invoice your organization and for you to pay for cabinets in advance, since they are frequently customized with made-to-order labels.

  • We want to help you maximize the success of your program.  We want you to make good decisions for your stakeholders.   You can keep funds "on file" with Illinois Supply Company and then we can debit your balance as we "ship on demand" whatever model of cabinet, case or accessory is needed.   As your program matures, you may have a really good idea of what you need, but at the beginning it is very nice to have the flexibility to order different units for different locations.  You don't want to have to return or exchange these items because shipping is too costly.

  • Custom labels are complimentary on orders of more than 20 cabinets, but even if you order a smaller quantity, you can still get custom labels, you just pay a one-time Custom Design Fee of $249