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Brandon Wilson


The LiveSafer XL - Modular Public First Aid System

AED Cabinets are already present in many facilities and currently we are seeing significant activity with adding EpiPens,* Narcan and Stop The Bleed Kits to hallways in facilities such as schools. This is great, but it starts to present a storage problem. No one really wants to have a whole herd of cabinets and cases on the wall - it's a lot of metal, it isn't cheap and there comes a point where we have to put this stuff back into a "first aid kit" of sorts.

The LiveSafer™ system is based on the idea that there is a simultaneous need for both General First Aid and very specific supplies for the life threatening emergencies: Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Anaphylaxis, Opioid Overdose, Choking, Severe Bleeding and Asthma Attacks. We kept trying to think of a turn-key cabinet to meet this need, but the fact is, medication and devices can only be purchased or budgeted for when the facility management sees the need. We can't force them to prepare for ALL of these emergencies at once, just because we have a cabinet that holds everything. That is why this system is modular.

*No Medication Included - We Sell Empty Cases/Cabinets and You Obtain Your Own Medication

Product Features:

  • This Cabinet will fit many AEDs so it can replace your existing cabinet - but if you already have an AED Cabinet you may hang this cabinet next to it or above it so you have growing room to fit more into this cabinet over time
  • This is a cabinet you can grow into - whether it is used for one item or the maximum number it works fine
  • A critical part of our strategy is keeping supplies/devices for each incident type separate - because they are not generally needed simultaneously
  • Velcro® loop back panel allows you to position cases for maximum visibility and use of space -- if you can stick a hunk of Velcro® to something, you can put it in this cabinet
  • This cabinet concept empowers you to "grab and go" to the point of need - no carrying handfuls of stuff or making multiple trips for something forgotten
  • We make a large, laminated instruction sheet for each emergency type. See the LiveSafer™ Education System
  • We recommend keeping General First Aid Supplies in your cabinet too - they're often missing from public areas in large facilities!
  • Cabinet includes mounting hardware, thumb turn knob, door alarm and acrylic window
  • Capacity: 7 Inner Red Cases + AEDs up to 6.5" Thick
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: White
  • Includes: Thumb Turn Knob, Door Alarm, Acrylic Window, Mounting Hardware, Shelf, 3D Wall Sign, and 7 Red Cases (Empty) with a sheet of common labels. Labels can be installed upon request.

Product Documents

Product Specifications:
EN10003 - Product Specification Sheet
High-Res Images:
LiveSafer XL
Substitute LifeVac for Lower 2 Red Cases

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Customize Your LiveSafer Cabinet
Learn about our namesake Barry

SKU Details

Sku Images Part# Description Sold In Dimensions (in) Intended Use Weight Add To Cart
EN10003 aka Barry The LiveSafer XL - Includes 7 Inner Cases, Shelf, & For AEDs up to 6.5" Thick. Each 17W x 26L x 7D Will Work with AEDs up to 6.0 inches thick. 35 lbs

EN10002 Optional Shelf which allows putting cases on their side to fit 5 across Each Shelf This is to retrofit an existing cabinet. Shelf will hold up to 5 inner cases turned sideways. LiveSafer XLs sold now include shelf.

Substitute LifeVac instead of lower red cases Substitute LifeVac instead of lower red cases: Add this to your cart if you would like to replace 2 inner cases with LifeVac Choking First Aid Device Each Choking Rescue

Substitute Stop The Bleed Kit instead of one red case Substitute Stop The Bleed Kit instead of one red case: If you add this to your cart we will substitute a complete Stop the Bleed kit instead of one of the empty cases. Each

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