Our Ideas Are Revolutionizing The Way People Think About Access to Epinephrine and Naloxone

  • Public Area Epinephrine Cabinets For Institutions

  • The One Minute Rule™

  • Conspicuous Self-Carry Packs that say I HAVE AN ALLERGY - THIS IS MY EPINEPHRINE. Perfect for children's backpacks.

  • HIPPA Waiver Templates

  • Laminated Auto-Injector Instructions

  • Photo Labels That Stay With The Auto-Injector Rather Then The Case

  • Locked Cabinets With Breakable Windows for 24/7/365 Access

  • Weight Guidance Labels For Auto-Injectors To Ensure Proper Dosing When An Adult Is Not Familiar With Them.

  • Bulk Epinephrine Evacuation Bags

  • Alarmed Epinephrine Cabinets

  • Conversion kits to make AEDs double as Allergy Emergency Kits

  • The first metal Naloxone Cabinet

  • The first company to tie the official color of the opioid overdose movement (purple) to signage and cases so they can be distinguished from Epinephrine or First Aid Kits in a hurry.

  • The first combination cabinet combining AED, Naloxone and Epinephrine

Video Demonstration of the Original Allergy Emergency Kit™ Prototype When It Was First Created

Please note that this video was created using a prototype. The actual unit has instructional text on the front of the cabinet. The "window" in the unit is not annealed or tempered glass - it is a proprietary substance that is much safer.