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The Original Allergy Emergency Kit™ Epinephrine Cabinet WITH LOCK AND EMERGENCY ACCESS HAMMER

This kit includes everything needed for setup except the prescription medication itself. The attached hammer can be used to break the proprietary safety window to instantly access Epinephrine, Benadryl and other such supplies. All parts on the unit are available as replacement parts.

Product Features:

  • Patent pending secure storage of Epinephrine for public spaces
  • Key access for access by authorized personnel
  • In an emergency anyone can break the window for instant 24/7/365 access to Epinephrine. Window is a proprietary safe material that breaks safely and easily
  • Hammer is permanently secured to unit on a short chain
  • Velcro backing allows school nurses to customize kit contents based on the likely risks (adult vs. child) (asthma vs. food allergies)
  • Mounts easily to cinder block or drywall with included anchors
  • Our proprietary "weight guidance" labels point out the difference in dosage to a person who has not had training

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EN9337 Locking Cabinet includes 3D sign and mounting hardware. Each 13x13x4 6 Auto-Injectors Stock Epinephrine Storage in Public Spaces