Locking Naloxone / Narcan Opioid Overdose Emergency Kit w/ Breakable Window/Hammer

This cabinet is designed to hold all Naloxone delivery mechanisms currently on the market using our Velcro mounting system. This cabinet includes instructions for Narcan brand Naloxone.

Product Features:

  • Works with all brands of naloxone
  • Laminated instruction sheets are available for all brands of Naloxone
  • The cabinet follows same concepts as an AED
  • Available in locking and non-locking versions
  • Includes 3D signage for above the cabinet.
  • Many states now allow purchase of Naloxone without a prescription
  • This was the first commercial naloxone cabinet on the market and is in use in schools, behavioral health facilities, prisons and government installations in all 50 states

SKU Details

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EN9402 Locking Cabinet includes 3D Purple Sign and Mounting Hardware Each 13" x 13" x 4" 8 Doses Public Spaces / Public Access