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Home & Classroom Original Allergy Emergency Kit™

I designed this product later -- after the hallway and nurse's office versions of the Original Allergy Emergency Kit™ -- because my mother said she thought our kitchen cabinet at home was too stuffed with junk for her to feel confident she could find our epinephrine auto-injector in a moment of panic. At home we don't need to "lock up" the epinephrine any more - so we can just mount it out of reach of little ones. Our Velcro backed panel gives you room and flexibility to mount any allergy supplies you want, any brand/model of the auto-injectors, bottles of Benadryl, inhalers, etc. Each time a new caregiver comes into your home, you can show them the prominent display knowing that it is hard to forget!

Product Features:

  • Mounts to any wall with four screws
  • Neutral white design blends in with any decor
  • Our kit includes plenty of velcro for easy attachment of any supplies you want on your board

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EN9361 AEK Home/Classroom Allergy Emergency Panel (holds 6)