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AED Cabinets

Why buy your AED cabinet from Illinois Supply? Well for starters, they are excellent quality Made in the USA cabinets! We also include a 3D projecting AED sign with every cabinet! On our larger cabinets we also include straps or hangers so your AED is secure. Best of all, usually AED alarms are Chinese crap and once they die or break, it's hard to do anything with them. You can easily replace the batteries on our alarm or replace the whole thing without even needing a screw driver.

Product Features:

  • High Quality 3D sign is included!
  • Includes a mounting strap or hanger hook to secure the AED in the unit so it does not readily fall out
  • High quality red on white dome labels are very noticeable and clean
  • Thumb turn knob allows the cabinet to remain unlocked but if activated a door alarm will sound
  • Our alarm is GE brand with easy to replace batteries. The most common flaw in an AED cabinet is an alarm with dead batteries!
  • Includes mounting hardware for drywall or concrete walls

SKU Details

Sku Images Part# Description Dimensions Intended Use ADDTOCARTDETAILSANDPRICE
EN9412 This is a standard AED Cabinet. 17x17x6 Will Work with AEDs up to 4.75 inches thick.

EN9988 This is a low-profile, smaller AED Cabinet especially for new, smaller units. 13x13x4 For AEDs no thicker than 3.5"

EN9989 This is a slim-profile AED Cabinet; There will usually be spare space around the AED at this size 17x17x4 For AEDs no thicker than 3.5"

EN9990 7" Deep for thicker AEDs (older models). Special Order Only 17x17x7

9421 9" Deep for extra thick AEDs. Special Order Only 17x17x9