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Permanent Adhesive Sticker Labels for Cabinet Exterior

These labels will work with any AED cabinet but are especially created for our LiveSafer line of customizable, changeable modular first aid cabinets.

Product Features:

  • Recommended for cabinets for which you know the permanent use of
  • Most cabinets will look pleasing to the eye with one upper label (above window) and one lower label (below the window)
  • Once adhesive cures it takes a jackhammer to get these off

SKU Details

Sku Images Part# Description Sold In ADDTOCARTDETAILSANDPRICE
EN9470 First Aid Supplies Each

EN9473 Overdose Emergency Kit Each

EN9471 Emergency Response Kits Each

EN9472 Allergy Emergency Kit Each

EN9474 Asthma Emergency Kit Each

EN9475 Emergency Epinephrine Each

EN9476 Asthma Inhalers Each

EN9477 Allergy/Asthma Emergency Kit Each

EN9478 Automated Defibrillator (AED) Each

EN9479 Severe Bleeding Kit Each

EN9480 Choking First Aid Kit Each

EN9481 Eye Wash Station Each

EN9482 Diabetes Emergency Kit Each

EN9483 Epilepsy Emergency Kit Each

EN9484 Bee Sting Emergency Kit Each

EN9485 Burn First Aid Kit Each

A17 Student Medications Each