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Magnetic Cabinet Labels

Product Features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Available in dozens of wording choices
  • Order different labels any time as your needs change
  • No worries about hanging the label crooked - just adjust it up or down!

Worried about students messing with your labels? Once you know your cabinet is complete you can buy our Permanent Adhesive Labels that are identical in appearance but will NEVER come off.

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EN9454 First Aid Supplies

EN9455 Emergency Response Kits

EN9456 Allergy Emergency Kit

EN9458 Asthma Emergency Kit

EN9457 Overdose Emergency Kit

EN9459 Emergency Epinephrine

EN9460 Asthma Inhalers

EN9461 Allergy/Asthma Emergency Kit

EN9462 Automated Defibrillator (AED)

EN9463 Severe Bleeding Kit

EN9464 Choking First Aid Kit

EN9465 Eye Wash Station

EN9466 Diabetes Emergency Kit

EN9467 Epilepsy Emergency Kit

EN9468 Bee Sting Emergency Kit

EN9469 Burn First Aid Kit

EN10008 Student Medications

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