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Naloxone Vending Machine - Holds 50 Boxes of Narcan

New! Finally a purpose-built Narcan vending machine made specifically for the Narcan box! This cabinet is gravity fed and has no moving parts. This is not a retrofitted coin or credit card operated machine. This was designed specifically to give away Narcan one box at a time.

Product Features:

  • Gravity Fed. Narcan boxes have no choice but to follow down each chute as each box is removed from the bottom
  • No Moving Parts - a Simple Design for Unattended Narcan Distribution Programs
  • Holds 50 Boxes of Narcan
  • Perfect for bathroom walls or areas where space is at a premium
  • Integrated educational poster is customizable on orders over 20 units

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EN9646 Holds 50 Boxes of Narcan