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Zoll AED 3

Product Features:

  • Real CPR Help guides rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR consistent with current guidelines
  • Real-time feedback on depth and rate of compressions
  • Full-color images and integrated voice, text, and visual prompts for support throughout the rescue
  • Enhanced bar gauge allows rescuers to see when they are doing good CPR in real-time
  • Integrated Pediatric Rescue. Universal CPR Uni-padz™ are always ready for both adult and child rescues
  • Electrode pads and batteries last five years – fewer replacements and a lower total cost of ownership
  • WiFi Connectivity: n Can automatically report AED readiness

SKU Details

Zoll AED 3 Automatic Automatic

Zoll AED 3 Semi-Automatic Semi-Automatic

Zoll AED 3 Replacement Pads CPR Uni-padz™III Universal (Adult/Pediatric) electrodes (5 Shelf Life)

Zoll Brand Fully Recessed Wall Cabinet Mounts Flush to Wall

Zoll AED 3 Carrying Case Small Rigid Carrying Case