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Brandon Wilson


Outdoor Waterproof Naloxone Cabinets

We are faced with the challenge that overdoses occur in some very inconvenient locations - including parks and other outdoor locations that are exposed to the elements. Naloxone* does not freeze until -5 degrees Fahrenheit, so in most climates, there will only be a few weeks per year where Naloxone stored outdoors is not viable for use. Our research tells us that governments do not want to spend $3000 on a cabinet with air conditioning and heat to protect an $80 medication. So this cabinet is a good happy medium.

*No Medication Included - We Sell Empty Cases/Cabinets and You Obtain Your Own Medication

Product Features:

  • Cabinet is a gasketed waterproof enclosure
  • The clear door shows clear labeling facing outside and large, easy to read instructions for Narcan administration inside
  • Internal cases are insulated zipper packs are available separately
  • Inside the cabinet there is a Velcro loop back plate for mounting boxes or doses of medication in case you do not want to use individual insulated packs
  • As you can see in the image on this page, we are able to customize this cabinet with your organization's logo, crisis line and replenishment info.
  • Signage is sold separately due to the fact that signage differs for wall-mount and pole-mount installation options.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Gray/Clear
  • Includes: Outside facing label (Generic or Custom), Naloxone Instructions, Velcro loop back plate, Velcro.

SKU Details

Sku Images Part# Description Max Capacity Size Weight Add To Cart
EN9698 Outdoor Cabinet - Large 24 full boxes of Narcan 17.75"L x 13.75"W x 8"D 6.9 lbs

EN9543 Outdoor Cabinet - Standard 6 full boxes of Narcan 15"L x 11"W x 6.5"D 4.25 lbs

EN9545 Pole Mounting Kit: STANDARD Cabinet - w/ 12" Metal Clamp w/ 12" Metal Clamp

EN9546 Pole Mounting Kit: STANDARD Cabinet - w/ 60" Zip Tie w/ 60" Zip Tie

EN9703 Pole Mounting Kit: LARGE Cabinet - w/ 18" Metal Clamp w/ 18" Metal Clamp

EN9704 Pole Mounting Kit: LARGE Cabinet - w/ 60" Zip Tie w/ 60" Zip Tie

EN9544 36 Inch Pole Wrap Signage - Will Not Destroy Surface. 36" Tall

Wall Mount Sign - 3D Projecting Purple Wall-Mount Purple Sign 8" Tall

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