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20 Unit Inhaler Storage Panel

If you love the Original Allergy Emergency Kit™ concept - this is a more affordable alternative if you do not need a locking cabinet. The combination of our Velcro backing and photo labeling system is an awesome way to store inhalers so that they are organized and self-containing of important student information.

Product Features:

  • Velcro backing allows you to store 20 standard sized inhalers (or less if you have chambers or accessory items) using included perfectly-sized poly bags with Velcro attachment
  • A Microsoft Word template is provided for printing labels for each inhaler including a photograph, medical condition details, expiration date, etc.
  • Optional signage and evacuation bags are available
  • Size: 26" x 17"

SKU Details

EN9360 20-Unit Inhaler Storage Panel for School Nurse's Offices (holds 20)

EN9372 Full Kit - Includes Sign and Evacuation Bag